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Spinal Manipulation – Advanced Course (MT9)

The practice of spinal manipulation requires commitment of ongoing  improvement. It  is a lifestyle of constantly improving spinal  manipulation skills. Whether you are a novice or seasoned clinician,  continued practice and mentoring is required to develop that hands and  clinical thinking associated with the best in spinal manipulation. This  course is the next step in manipulation training, following the MT6  Spinal Manipulation course.

This course is associated with the Manual  Therapy Fellowship program but anyone who has taken MT6 can take this  course. It is designed for clinicians who have demonstrated entry level  competencies and basic level manual therapy clinical skills and advanced  clinical decision making.

This course introduces the integration several types of spinal  manipulation techniques. The traditional Norwegian approach will  emphasize locking all joint to ensure that forces are impacted on only  one joint. British school of Osteopathy concepts create barriers for  manipulation in mid range, rather than end range. Ola Grimsby has  outlined an integration of different schools organized our sciences of  biomechanics and neurophysiology to teach the clinician how to modify  techniques they already know, add new clinical tricks and learn concepts  to assist in creating your own technique modifications.

ROMA 20/21 ottobre 2018

Traduzione simultanea in italiano
Brian Power (USA)

Quota del corso
€ 450,00 + iva 22%  fino al 15.08.18
€ 500,00 + iva 22% dal 16.08.18 al 31.08.18
€ 550,00 + iva 22% dal 01.09.18
I prezzi si intendono al netto IVA 22%


Al completamento del corso lo studente sarà in grado di:

Conoscere le controindicazioni alle tecniche manipolative sulla colonna

Descrivere e applicare i locking necessari a livello cervicale, toracico, lombare e sacrale durante l’applicazione delle tecniche manipolative per garantire efficacia e confort.

Dimostrare competenza nel posizionamento pre-thrust della colonna cervicale, toracica, lombare e della regione sacroiliaca

Dimostrare competenza nell’applicazione del thrust della colonna cervicale, toracica, lombare e della regione sacroiliaca

Brian Power, PT, DPT, DMT, FAAOMPT, Cert SMT
Brian is a co-owner and  Vice President of MTI Physical Therapy in the Seattle area. He has  considerable post-graduate education and experience and over the years  has specialized in orthopedic manual therapy. He completed a four-year  program in manual therapy from the OGI that has culminated in a DPT and  DMT as well as certification of equivalence in Manual Therapy from the  Norwegian Specialty Group in Manual Therapy.
In addition to his  clinical practice, he has been involved with teaching post-graduate  programs in orthopedic manual therapy in the United States, Scandinavia,  Asia and Europe since 1991.
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