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DMT Doctorate of Manual Therapy


Orthopedic Residency Program


Orthopedic Residency Program
The Ola Grimsby Institute has over a 45-year history of success in teaching Orthopedic Residency programs with a basis in manual therapy, offered throughout the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia. The orthopedic residency program is accredited by the APTA through the ABPTFRE. All aspects of evaluation, soft tissue work, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation, exercise, and education are thoroughly covered. One-to-one clinical mentoring strengthens the resident’s experience beyond simple continuing education coursework or online lectures. The Orthopedic Residency can be completed in two ways: On-Site Residency or Independent Study Residency. Strengths of the Orthopedic Residency program include a foundation in basic sciences and an evidence-based background in clinical practice. With an emphasis on differential diagnosis and critical thinking, the program takes you beyond a simple classification system to determine diagnosis and intervention. Methods to improve clinical reasoning and problem-solving will assist with the development of a patient diagnosis as well as a plan of care. Stop guessing and know exactly what you are treating and how you will impact the patient. Interventions taught will be manual therapy based with emphasis on soft tissue techniques, articulations (i.e. oscillations and stretch) joint mobilizations, extremity manipulation, and spinal manipulation.

Manual Therapy
The Orthopedic Residency program of The Ola Grimsby Institute includes manual therapy techniques from different schools and countries. Residents learn how to select between different techniques, and how to dose these interventions, based on the need of each patient. Hands-on courses and mentoring improve not only critical thinking but the skills necessary to perform mobilization and spinal manipulation. The orthopedic manual physical therapy profession is in constant evolution. Models for explanations of our work are consistently undergoing fundamental changes; at the same time, explanations previously accepted within the discipline are now regarded as being incorrect.

A significant strength of the program is an integrated exercise curriculum teaching specificity of exercise dosage, design, and progression. Learn how to apply evaluation, manual work, and exercise for an optimal patient outcome.
Course Dates and Locations:

All Orthopedic Residency Programs Include:
All Models include 1:1 Clinical Mentoring Hours – 150 hours with an OGI Clinical Mentor or Faculty member. There is no additional fee for this clinical supervision; however, the student is responsible for all costs related to performing this clinical experience.
All Models result in a Certificate of Completion, awarded for those that complete either of the three program models. The research component is optional, with a Doctorate of Manual Therapy (DMT) awarded upon successful completion of the program along with the research. Students do not have to complete research to complete their Orthopedic Residency program. If they wish, however, to earn a DMT the research component is required in addition to completing all Residency requirements.

Clinical Mentoring
150 hours of Clinical Supervision for all 3 models is FREE! During the program, residents are responsible for all travel and lodging costs that may be incurred for seminars and clinical supervision hours. Improving critical thinking, manual therapy evaluation and treatment skills, including spinal manipulation, are significantly enhanced through the clinical mentoring experience.

Doctorate in Manual Therapy (DMT)
Students do not have to complete research to complete their Residency program. If they wish to earn a DMT degree, the research component is required in addition to completing all Orthopedic Residency requirements.
Research: Students must have an end result of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for a clinical research study. This will involve choosing a relevant topic, performing a review of the literature, developing a methodology, and learning to and submitting the proper paper work for IRB approval to perform the study. This is an accepted practice among university faculty for the purpose of performing research. IRB approval will be necessary to obtain of the degree of DMT.
Research Portfolio: DMT Research Portfolio Research Portfolio must be completed to receive the DMT title and Degree.
First step towards a PhD which can be earned upon completion of our second and third years curriculum and research components.
A $150 monthly research portfolio fee is paid to The Ola Grimsby Institute when enrolled for the Research Portfolio program

APTA Accredited
The Orthopedic Residency program has been taught nationally and internationally since the 1980s, prior to the formation of accrediting bodies for residency programs. Since the formation of the ABPTFRE, the Orthopedic Residency program has been accredited by the APTA as a post-professional clinical residency in orthopedic manual physical therapy.


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